Full 2018 Training Schedule

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we're expecting big things...

Given the tremendous energy that is permeating throughout the state, we are expecting GREAT things for progressive leaders in Georgia.

Accordingly, we intend to build upon the tremendous successes that were made in 2017 and are hitting the ground running with a slate of 14 trainings scheduled between now and the end of July. In order to realize this goal, we'll need your help. 

I'm asking that you please spread the word, as we want to reach as many potential leaders as possible. We'll also need contacts in the designated locales and assistance with finding venues.

As always, if your organization is interested in co-sponsoring a training, please let me know. (As a condition of partnership, we simply ask that you commit to getting at least five participants to attend.)

Please contact me at kendra@repga.org for more information. Thank you, in advance!

**NOTE: A printable .pdf version of the above graphic can be accessed HERE.**

Let's get to WORK!